Activate Roku

Enter roku activation code to activate roku

Watch your favorite movies, sports, music, TV series with roku streaming device just by following the steps to activate roku. Roku Streaming device is the primary source of amusement as it sports more than 1,800 channels, hundreds of thousands of hours of content, which includes TV shows, movies, documentaries and other quality content that are immensely popular with the customers.

Setup and activate roku streaming device just by using roku link code or roku activation code from official roku website. If you get any trouble in roku activation, then contact the support team.

Let's start with the steps to create roku account, setup and activate roku device

Sign up for a new Roku account

  1. Visit to the sign up page of roku website in your web browser
  2. Click on "My Account" option and tap on "Create Account"
  3. Fill all the required details for account creation such as: Name, Email address, Password etc.
  4. Generate a unique Roku pin number of 4 digit.
  5. Now, fill payment information on the next page. You can skip it now and can add information later.
  6. Your roku account will be created successfully after you verify your email

Quick guide to setup roku and get roku activation code

  1. Make connection in TV with Roku player via cable & turn on the Roku setup box.
  2. Select the preferred language by pressing button on Roku remote.
  3. Connect your device with a good internet connection so you will be able to see the Roku activation link code on TV screen which is a mixture on random numbers and alphabets.
    • You can use wired or wireless connection
  4. After conneting to internet, roku will download the software update and then a link code will be shown on the screen
  5. Write down this Roku activation code or Roku com link enter code carefully for further uses.

Activate Roku using Roku activation code

  1. Go to your computer or mobile device and visit Roku official website or roku activation link to activate roku.
  2. Enter the Roku link code on the website and click submit.
  3. You must complete ALL of the steps on the website before going back to your Roku device otherwise your Roku device will not be activated.
  4. Follow the Roku account creation instructions on the website or login to an existing Roku account.
  5. Once the activation process is complete, the Roku system is ready to use.

Linking devices to a single Roku account

  1. The guided setup starts automatically when you first power on your Roku device.
  2. This process will help you connect to the internet, set preferences and settings, and activate your Roku device.
  3. You will be able to link your Roku device to an existing Roku account during the activation process, or you can create a new account.
  4. On each Roku device, channels must be activated separately. Roku devices search for changes and updates automatically every 24 to 36 hours.
  5. If you want to automatically search for an update, go to your Roku console and pick Settings then System Update then Search now.

Linking devices to different Roku accounts

To manage the account and receive important notifications, a valid unique email address must be associated with each account when creating more than one Roku account.

You can link each Roku streaming device to another Roku account when multiple members in your household need to access different channels on their respective Roku devices.

  1. Most subscription channels, such as Netflix, can be used across multiple Roku devices, even when connected to various Roku accounts.
  2. The number of devices that can be activated may be limited by channel providers. Check for specific limits with the channel provider.